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Our Deep Roots in the Community Come to Life

Our company has deep roots in the community, and we like to think that we have a special relationship with our customers. That’s why we’d like to tell you about a unique architectural project that clearly demonstrates how much we care about the people who live here.

Our company was established in 1847 by Joseph Willett to deliver coal to our customers. In 1918 we partnered with another company, C.A. Chadwick, and continued to deliver reliable heating products to the area. When Ralph Woodcock bought the business in 1941, he added fuel oil and ice to our wood and coal deliveries. We’re still owned and operated by the Woodcock family today.

When a bakery was being constructed in 1991 near a wall by an alleyway, decades of paint were removed to restore the wall’s brick exterior, and incredibly, workers found our original sign there, “Willett & Chadwick Coal Company.” A restoration expert was brought in, and using newspaper ads from the 1920s, the mural was painted to its former glory, showcasing a piece of our history right in the community we’ve always served.

Willett & Chadwick Coal Company Mural

As we begin another heating season, we thank you for your faith in us. We’ve been a part of this area for a long time, and we’re proud of our roots here. Even though we may get another colder-than-normal winter in New England, together we can get through it once more. Here are a few tips to help you.

  • Turn on your heating system now to see if everything is running properly. Be sure your thermostat is set, power switches are on, and you have oil in your tank. If the system doesn’t start, call us at 781-444-3600.
  • Tune-up appointments fill up fast when the weather gets cold, so call us today at 781-444-3600 to schedule service for your system. Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and ensures that your system works at peak efficiency, saving you money on fuel. Tune-ups also extend the life of your system.
  • Ask us to start making automatic deliveries. We calculate how much fuel you will use based on your past usage and on the weather — and then we schedule your deliveries in plenty of time before you run low. This will take some of the worry out of winter.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

To see a video of the mural wall project, visit our community involvement page.