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What’s the Right Cooling System for You?

From central air conditioning to ductless mini-splits, we have you covered.

home cooling options Needham Heights, ma Are you ready for the hot weather that’s only a few weeks away?

We know it just started to warm up in Middlesex and Norfolk Counties. That long-awaited summer vacation may not be for a couple more months, but this is the best time to upgrade your home’s cooling systems. Was your current central air conditioning struggling to keep you comfortable last summer? Does it use outdated, expensive R-22 refrigerant? Are you still relying on cumbersome, loud window units that block your view and inflate your electric bills?

Simply put, if you’re depending on old, tired cooling equipment, this summer could involve a lot of A/C breakdowns and expensive repairs. Why not turn to the pros at Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling to upgrade your summer comfort and lower your energy costs?

Here are some cooling options that might be perfect for your home.

High-efficiency central air conditioning

To install central air conditioning equipment, you must have ductwork in your home. If you’re replacing an existing central air system, our HVAC technicians can get the job done relatively quickly. If your home needs additional ductwork or other upgrades, the project may take longer.

If your central air conditioning system is over a decade old, you’re probably missing out on efficient technologies that allow it to run quieter, integrate with smart thermostats and keep you cool while using less energy and saving you money.

Today’s central A/C systems, like the Bryant products that we install, are rated 14-SEER and higher, meaning that their energy efficiency is much higher than older models. As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we can find a product that meets your needs and budget. Then, we’ll install it promptly and correctly.

Ductless air conditioning

If your home doesn’t have ducts, then we have a solution that frees you from window A/C units — a ductless mini-split cooling system . These super-efficient products are a breeze to install, requiring only minimal drilling.

Even better, you can set up a zoned cooling system with the Mitsubishi Electric mini-splits we install. This lets you keep individual spaces cooled to different temperatures, saving you a lot of money.
Even if you have central A/C, an individual mini-split is a fantastic solution for hard-to-cool spaces like finished attics, garages, studios, guest houses and basements.

The Needham team is here for your cooling needs!

Whether you need to cool your whole home or just one room, Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling can craft a customized solution that won’t break the bank. You might even qualify for energy efficiency rebates from Mass Save, depending on the product you install.

We strongly recommend that you contact us in the spring if you want to upgrade your home’s A/C equipment. We have plenty of open appointments, and this will give us time to secure and install your equipment before the first scorching summer day. That way, we can be certain that you’re Completely satisfied!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate. Our technicians are standing by!