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Is It time for a Water Heater Check-up?

When should you do a water heater maintenance check?

water heater repair massachusettsYour water heater may be letting off a little sigh of relief now that the springtime weather is in full bloom. After all, this means that the extra demand your water heater deals with during the winter may let up a little. Wintertime sees a higher need for heated water not only because it’s cold and requires more energy to heat water from a cooler baseline temperature. We also use heated water in the cold months to launder bulky outerwear, wash holiday dishes, and simply relax in a warm shower or bath after a long, chilly day. When folks begin spending more time outside, less heated water is needed, and your water heater can “relax” a bit. This downtime is the perfect time for spring maintenance on your water heater, and here’s why.

Check in the spring for winter wear-and-tear

When your water heater is hard at work, a maintenance check likely isn’t high on your to-do list. But by adding an inspection to your seasonal prep in the springtime, you can incorporate routine maintenance into your annual schedule. That way, your water heater will be all set and ready to go when its busy season comes around next fall and winter.

Prevent breakdowns and know what to expect

The best time to replace your water heater in Norfolk and Middlesex Counties in Massachusetts is before it breaks and forces you to make a decision out of necessity, rather than what’s best for your home, family, and budget. Nobody wants their water heater to croak, but the truth is that they don’t last forever – especially older models. If your water heater is close to 10 years old or shows signs of wear or poor performance, look into getting a maintenance inspection, so you can upgrade on your schedule, not because you’re not in a tough spot. Being proactive about your water heater’s lifespan can help you save big!

Signs your water heater needs attention

Signs that your water heater is due for a maintenance inspection and possibly a repair or upgrade include:

  • Water is lukewarm or doesn’t stay warm for long;
  • Your heated water availability doesn’t meet household demand;
  • Visible leaks or puddles;
  • Condensation, rust, or corrosion is present, especially if on the anode rod;
  • Bubbling or buckling on tank surface or paint;
  • Sediment and debris building up inside the tank;
  • Unpleasant odor or mold growth.

Water heater trends these days

  • Tankless water heaters: By going tankless, you can save up to 40% on your water heating energy costs, because there is no tank of water needing to be maintained at a warmer temperature. Only when you are using hot water are you using energy. Tankless water heaters have a long lifespan and a small footprint in your home.
  • Hybrid water heaters: Also known as heat pump water heaters, this type of unit uses electricity to move heat from one place to another, as opposed to generating its own heat like a traditional electric water heater.
  • Tried-and-true storage-tank units: Some families prefer traditional water heaters with tank storage units, and that’s perfectly fine. Every home is different, and so is every homeowner.

No matter which type of water heater you choose, you can have confidence that the certified and experienced Needham technician who arrives at your home to install your new water heater has been thoroughly trained to do the job. We install all types of water heaters throughout the year, so not only does our team have vast experience but we know how to handle any situation that might arise in a typical installation job.

Ready for your water heater checkup? Needham has you COMPLETELY covered!

Whether you want to replace your old water heater now, need some maintenance or non-emergency repair, or simply want to learn more for future reference, contact us today and one of our water heater equipment experts will be happy to help. Every water heater we install is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, and we stand behind our installations with a 100%-satisfaction guarantee.

No matter what type of water heater is right for your home, you can count on Needham, so become a customer today!