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Is it Time to Change Your Furnace Filter?

This small action can improve your fuel efficiency, air quality and comfort.

furnace filters Needham Heights, ma How effective was your home’s air conditioning this summer? As time passed, did your energy bills go up or did your central A/C start cycling more often?

While there are several reasons that HVAC equipment may use more energy or cycle more often, one cause could be a clogged or dirty air filter in your furnace.

“But wait,” you may ask, “why would my furnace come into play when we’re talking about air conditioning?”

Your furnace’s air filter is very much in use during warmer months. Your home’s central A/C and forced air heating equipment use the same ductwork system. The air filter prevents airborne pollutants like dust, pollen and bacteria from entering your ducts.

If you haven’t checked your furnace’s filter recently, it might be clogged, restricting airflow and failing to catch as many toxins. That affects both your cooling and heating equipment.

When should I check my air filter?

We recommend that people check their furnace’s air filters at least once a month during peak heating and cooling seasons. You can typically find this filter either on the side of your furnace or behind a return-air vent. If the filter is dirty, you should clean it (if it’s reusable) or replace it (if it’s disposable). You can find furnace air filters at most home stores. They are relatively inexpensive, but having a clean air filter can make a world of difference.

What happens if my filter is dirty or clogged?

Air filters are crucial to maintaining healthy indoor air quality in your home. If yours isn’t doing its job, you will see worse allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues. You could also see greater transmission of colds, flu and other illnesses. Then there are general comfort concerns like dry skin, red eyes and increased dust accumulation.

Clogged filters also restrict airflow, making your furnace and central A/C equipment work harder to keep you comfortable. You’ll see higher energy bills and more frequent repairs. With that in mind, you can see how much value you get from staying on top of your air filters.

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