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Why Is My Central Air Not Blowing Cold Air?

You might be able to fix your central A/C problem yourself.

central air Westwood, MA When was the last time your central air conditioning broke down on you? If it was recently, you might remember how unpleasant it can be on a sweltering eastern Massachusetts afternoon to have no cool air coming through your vents.

That’s one reason it’s such a smart idea to test your central air in the spring to ensure it’s operating correctly. If you turn on your cooling system and get no cold air, you’ll have time to troubleshoot the issue or reach out to Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling for assistance. Need an air conditioning repair? We’ll take care of it before the mercury rises.

Here are four reasons your central air may not be blowing cold air. All of them have potential “do-it-yourself” fixes that might save you a visit from a service technician.

Your Equipment is Not Receiving Power.

Your air conditioning needs electricity to run. Check your A/C equipment’s power switches and make sure they are on. Then, look at your breaker box or fuse box to ensure that no circuit breakers have tripped and no fuses are blown.

Your Thermostat Isn’t Communicating with the A/C.

This is another issue you can fix on your own. Take a look at your thermostat. Confirm that it is set to “air conditioning,” “cool” or “fan” and that you’ve set it at least 5 degrees lower than the current room temperature.

If the screen on your battery-powered thermostat is blank, you may be due for a set of new batteries.

Your Vents Are Blocked.

If the cooled air coming from your central A/C system can’t pass through your vents, the temperature in your rooms won’t drop. Check for closed vents throughout your home. Also, ensure that these vents aren’t covered up or otherwise obstructed by area rugs, furniture, house plants or other items.

Your Air Filters Are Obstructing Airflow.

All forced air heating and cooling systems have air filters. These are invaluable tools for safeguarding your indoor air quality by catching dust, bacteria and other pollutants that would otherwise circulate into your home. However, during peak heating and cooling months, these filters can get dirty or clogged and block airflow.

Be sure to check your air filters once a month. If the filter is dirty or clogged, clean or replace it. A new filter is relatively inexpensive and available at just about any home store, but the difference a clean filter makes to airflow is huge.

Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling Repairs A/C Systems.

Did none of these DIY fixes get the cool air blowing in your home?

Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling provides the most trusted HVAC service in Westwood and throughout the MetroWest region. Reach out to us this spring, and we can get to your home right away to address any issue your cooling system has.

We also offer comprehensive service plans that include complimentary annual maintenance for your central A/C, along with priority service, reduced costs on needed repairs and generous loyalty credits for each renewal.

To set up a service appointment or enroll your equipment in a service plan, contact our team today.