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A Cautionary Horror Story from One of Our Customers

customer service horror story

After more than 12 years with Needham, one of our customers responded to a low-price fuel offer from a heating-oil buying network.

“When you join an oil-buying network, you don’t choose your oil company. They assign one to you,” says Ken. “But I figured my system was in good shape, and that oil is oil.”

“The problem started after they did my tune-up. Within hours, the system stopped. When they came out to repair it, they couldn’t fix it. They were here for hours and hours over two days. They just didn’t know what they were doing.”

The problem persisted for more than two weeks. “I ended up calling the person who installed the system, and it turned out to be a big repair job that cost me $1,200,” says Ken.

His bad experience provided some valuable lessons, Ken says. “It can be tempting to chase dollars, service is really important and some things are worth paying a premium for.”

Ken is happy to be back with us. “Needham has been very reliable. They are always really friendly and they always explain things to me.”

You never have to worry about a horror story like Ken’s with Needham. We are committed to your comfort – and won’t rest until you’re 100% satisfied.

Please contact us by phone, 781-444-3600, or by email, if you ever need our help.