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Get to know Bioheat®!

bioheat q&a massachusettsWe all want to keep our families safe and warm through the long winter in Massachusetts – and most of us want to do with as little environmental impact as possible. In the past, that might have meant converting your oil-fired heating system to natural gas – but thanks to Bioheat®, you have another clean, green choice.

Facts About Bioheat

Not familiar with Bioheat? Here are some facts to get you started:

  • What is Bioheat? Bioheat is a fuel made by blending ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) with biodiesel – a renewable energy resource made in America from soy other vegetable oils, animal fats, recycled restaurant oils and other natural sources. The biodiesel in our Bioheat blend is made from recycled vegetable oils sourced right here in Massachusetts.
  • What do the “B” numbers mean? Since Bioheat is a blend of fuels, it is named by the percentage of biodiesel it contains – for example, B5 is five percent Biodiesel. Typical blends range from two to twenty percent biodiesel per gallon (we sell B20 Bioheat – the maximum percentage commonly available today).
  • Does Bioheat cost more than common heating oil? The price of Bioheat tracks very closely with conventional heating oil, the difference typically being only pennies per gallon. However, when you consider the total cost of the two fuels, Bioheat comes out on top by a wide margin: because Bioheat burns cleaner, it causes less wear and tear on your heating equipment, which means your furnace, boiler, and burner will require less maintenance and won’t have to be replaced as frequently over the course of its lifetime.
  • How does Bioheat reduce my carbon footprint? Bioheat burns cleaner than common heating oil, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 86 percent! By burning cleaner, Bioheat typically also extends the life of heating equipment, which means that fewer furnaces and boilers will end up in the landfill.
  • Can I use Bioheat with my existing heating oil equipment? Yes – in fact, if you are getting your heating oil deliveries from Needham Oil Complete, you already are! Most major heating system manufacturers accept Bioheat as covered under their warranties for use, and you won’t need to make any changes to your furnace, boiler or storage tank to use it. In fact, your equipment will be glad you made the switch!
  • Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling offers Bioheat delivery to customers anywhere in our Middlesex and Norfolk County service area. Contact us to make the COMPLETE switch and join the Needham Oil family today!