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5 Reasons Why a Service Plan Matters

What can a service plan do for you?

hvac repair massachusettsMaking sure you have a service plan in place for your heating system may not be high on your priority list, but as the colder months approach, not getting that box checked could prove to become a big regret if something goes wrong unexpectedly. We can’t promise you a completely carefree winter, but we can help you eliminate worries about unexpected heating system breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Read on to learn more about why having a service plan makes a difference, and how Needham Oil’s service plans can save you lots of headache and hassle in Middlesex County and Norfolk County, MA.

Having a service plan in place can benefit you in many ways, by helping you:

Diagnose and fix issues before they get worse

A service plan takes the stress and planning – not to mention the expense – out of regular maintenance. With a service plan, you’ll have an expert all set to take a look at your system periodically, even when you don’t notice any problems. This way, any small issues can be identified and remedied, before they progress, exacerbating the harm to your heater or HVAC system.

Prevent breakdowns with quality maintenance and affordable repairs

And if you DO notice something funny going on with your equipment? Your service plan can help you save big on any repairs that you may need. With a good service plan in place, cost shouldn’t be a barrier to getting the repairs your system needs to be at its best.

Save money on energy costs

A well-maintained system will save you money because it works more efficiently. When your filters are changed, your coils are cleaned, and your ducts are free of obstruction, the air flows through your system freely, requiring less energy, and ultimately, costing less money.

Make the most of your warranty

Many manufacturers’ warranties require proof of regular maintenance in order to make good on their obligations to repair or replace defective equipment. If something goes wrong with your system and you need to invoke your warranty, having a service plan in place makes it easy to prove the problem wasn’t caused by you neglecting to properly service and maintain your equipment.

Explore your service plan options with Needham Oil on your side

Above all, a service plan can protect the investment you’ve made in your heating and cooling equipment, while you save on repairs, get your annual tune-up covered, and receive a fast response for emergency service, year-round. Become a Needham customer and choose the plan that works best for you:

  • Our Gold Heating Plan completely covers your heating oil system. It includes a tune-up designed to keep your equipment operating trouble-free and at peak efficiency, plus priority 24-hour emergency service and complete coverage of parts and labor for most repairs. The Gold Heating Plan also earns you up to $500 in Loyalty Credits that you can use toward the purchase of new equipment from us.
  • We also offer Silver Service Plans for heating oil and natural gas heating systems, central air conditioning systems and heat pumps. These plans give you seasonal maintenance, priority service, 15% discounts on parts and labor for covered repairs and Loyalty Credits.

Don’t wait until your next problem happens before you sign up. Contact us today to get covered now with Needham, and relax all year long, knowing you will save money on repairs and enjoy peace of mind.