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Avoid Heating Oil Run-Outs with Free Automatic Delivery from Needham Oil

Errand notes

Winter can get pretty busy for us here in Massachusetts, with school, work, the stresses of day-to-day life taking up so much of our mental energy and attention. Sometimes things can get so busy that we can forget the “little things” we have to do – like checking the gauge on our heating oil tank.

The problem is running out of heating oil isn’t a “little thing”, especially when the mercury drops into the teens and twenties here in the Bay State. Extinguished pilot lights can be a safety hazard, too.

The bottom line: Running out of heating oil is something you really want to avoid. The good news is that preventing a heating oil run-out couldn’t be easier: just sign up for FREE automatic delivery from Needham Oil and let us worry about your heating oil deliveries.

Here’s how Automatic Delivery works:

  • Our computers system will monitor the current weather and estimate when and how much propane or heating oil you’ll need based on your past usage.
  • We’ll schedule a delivery when you’re down to about a quarter of a tank.
  • You sit back and never worry about run-outs again – at no charge to you!

You might ask why such a convenient service can be free. It’s simple: with fewer emergency runouts to attend to, we can schedule more effective routes for our fleet. The more efficient our routes are, the better able we’ll be to get everyone – including you – your fuel on time.

Call it a win-win for everyone.

Don’t risk a heating oil run-out – sign up for FREE Automatic Delivery! Contact us today for details.