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How To Avoid Running Out Of Heating Oil

avoid run-outs massachusetts

We’ve all got a lot on our minds these days – keeping our family is safe, figuring out how to get work done with the kids at home, and staying healthy ourselves, to name a few.

With all that happening, checking the fuel gauge on your heating oil tank and ordering heating oil might be two tasks that slip to the bottom of the priority list – or fall off it altogether, resulting in a heating oil run-out.

Unfortunately, that can be a bad and costly experience.

For one thing, heating oil prices usually rise when fuel demand is highest, so you’ll pay more to fill your tank. You’ll also have to pay extra for an emergency fuel delivery rather than a simple fill-up. A fuel run-out could even damage your heating system as sludge from the bottom of your heating oil tank enters the fuel lines, clogging filters and narrowing passages along the way.

Ways To Avoid Heating Oil Run-outs

So how can you make sure you always have enough heating oil in your tank? Here are three suggestions:

  1. Be proactive. As weather gets colder, you will probably use heating oil more quickly than you realize. Order your fuel when your tank is no less than one-quarter full (ideally a little before then). Waiting until the last minute for a delivery –especially in cold weather – is a recipe for a no-heat emergency. Get a jump on your winter heating oil deliveries by ordering fuel today.
  2. Switch to automatic delivery. With automatic heating oil delivery, our computers will estimate when you need fuel based on your past use and the current weather, topping you off when your tank is about one-quarter full. The service is FREE – contact us today make the switch.
  3. Keep your heating equipment properly maintained. Regular, professional heating maintenance from a reputable heating contractor will help keep your furnace or boiler running at peak efficiency, which means your equipment will sip rather than gulp your fuel. Professional service will also help spot oil leaks, performance drop-offs, and other problems before that could lead to bigger problems down the road.

Stay COMPLETELY on top of fuel management this fall with FREE automatic heating oil delivery in eastern MA from Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling. Contact us today to make the switch from will call, or to become a Needham Oil Complete customer.