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Avoid Fuel Delivery Delays This Winter

Snow covered street

When you live and work in New England, you’re an expert at dealing with heavy snowfall. But did you know that there are a number of ways to make sure nothing interferes with your heating oil deliveries? Please follow the following winter weather tips to keep your heating oil coming when you need it the most.

  • If you are not signed up for automatic deliveries, it’s best to call us when your oil level reaches the one-quarter mark. This will give us enough notice to schedule a delivery for you, usually within two days. If the weather is bad, your delivery time will probably be longer.
  • If you’re already an automatic delivery customer and you expect changes in your household —extended family visits, a newborn, expanded living space, etc.— please let us know because this will affect how much fuel you use. You should also let us know if you started using a supplemental heating source, like a pellet stove or a fireplace. This will also affect your fuel usage.
  • Besides clearing a path to your oil fill pipe, your driveway should also be cleared after a snowfall. (Some driveways may need to be sanded and salted.) Just because your car can get down your driveway doesn’t necessarily mean that our heavy fuel trucks can too! Our delivery vehicles need a 9-foot to 10-foot-wide clear path in your driveway to allow enough room for maneuvering. Safety codes prohibit us from making a delivery if a driveway is not clear.
  • If you have an underground tank, please mark it. This helps our driver find the location of underground tanks during heavy snow accumulations. To mark your tank, use a flag that is high enough to be seen above the snowfall.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your fuel deliveries.