heating tune-up massachusettsBelieve it or not, we’re nearing the halfway point of summer 2021 – before you know it, evenings will be getting cooler and days noticeably shorter. That makes now the perfect time to get one step ahead of the crowd and have your heating system serviced for the fall.

Just like your car, your furnace or boiler needs regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently and reliably once the cool weather arrives.

The problem is that if you wait until the fall to schedule heating maintenance, you’ll run into some complications. First, quality heating technicians are harder to find once Labor Day has passed. Second, if your system needs to be shut down for maintenance on a night you need heat, it can get uncomfortable for your family. Of course, the worst-case scenario is that you’ll discover the need to repair or even replace your heating system – something you definitely don’t want to once fall arrives in earnest.

Offseason Maintenance Can Save You Money, Too

Another big advantage of taking care of your heating maintenance in the summer is that you’ll enjoy peak efficiency and performance from day one of heating season. On average, your furnace or boiler will lose about five percent efficiency each year it is not properly maintained. If you’ve skipped a few years, that can have a big impact on your monthly energy bills. The sooner you get your equipment maintained, the sooner you’ll benefit from the energy savings.

Heating Maintenance: Get It Out of the Way

Many advantages come with maintaining your heating system while the weather is warm – you’ll save money on energy bills, enjoy more convenient service times, and get access to better deals if you need to replace your system. It’s a COMPLETE no-brainer – give Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling a call today and let’s get you scheduled.

Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling technicians will help you get the most from your heating system without compromising your comfort. Contact us today to learn more about Needham Oil Heating Service Plans for your oil and propane equipment, A/C or heat pump!

home efficiency massachusettsDid you know that air conditioning accounts for nearly half the energy your home uses during the summer – more than any other appliance or system? The good news, if you’re a conscientious energy user, is that there are ways to chip away at that number.

Here are seven energy-saving tips to get you started.

  1. Check air filters regularly – Check your filters about once a month, cleaning or replacing them (depending on the model) as needed. A clogged air filter can reduce A/C efficiency by 10 to 15 percent, and will eventually lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment.
  2. Inspect your ductwork – Look for obvious air leaks in visible ducts, especially around seals between sections. Just remember: most of your ductwork is behind the walls, so consider a professional duct inspection about once every five years.
  3. Keep reasonable temperatures – With a central air conditioner, every degree you drop your thermostat below 75 degrees could cause you to use three to five percent more energy. The good news is that the reverse is also true. For the best balance of comfort and economy, shoot for a summertime indoor temperature of about 78 degrees. Use your programmable or smart thermostat to adjust temperatures when you’re sleeping or out of the house, too.
  4. Re-think your window treatments – About 75 percent of the energy from sunlight that enters you home is retained as heat. In the hot summer months, consider hanging window treatments that reflect rather than absorb light and heat (for more efficiency tips using window treatments, see the U.S. Department of Energy website).
  5. Keep air moving – Airflow is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of energy efficiency – it helps keep you feeling cooling while also keeping humidity under control. Keep air moving throughout your home by:
    • Making sure that vents in rooms you’re using are open and not blocked by furniture, rugs or drapes.
    • Installing an attic ventilator fan to draw cool air throughout the house.
    • Supplementing your air conditioning with ceiling fans (moving air feels cooler, so you’ll be able to keep temperatures a little warmer with no loss in comfort).
  6. Maintain your equipment – Your cooling equipment will lose about five percent efficiency every year that it’s not serviced – which means that professional cooling maintenance will basically pay for itself in lower cooling bills alone. It will also help keep your A/C running more reliably.
  7. Upgrade older equipment – Big box stores may seem like they’re giving you a good deal, but a qualified home cooling technician will do the little things that will help your system deliver value – and better performance – year after year. They’ll also know the ins and outs on tax credits, incentives, and manufacturer’s rebates, so they’ll be able to steer you in the direction of better deals on ENERGY STAR®-certified equipment. Look for HVAC pros that offer in-person evaluations – not just formulas – if you want to get the most energy bang for your buck.

Summer’s in full swing – is your air conditioner COMPLETELY ready for all the heat that’s coming our way? If it isn’t, contact Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling today to schedule air conditioning maintenance in Middlesex and Norfolk counties, MA. If your cooling system breaks down, we’ve got you covered with quality central A/C, ductless A/C and heat pump installations, too.

electrifying everything massachusettsDid you know that power outages are twice as common today as they were a decade ago and five times as common as they were in the 1980s?

It seems as though several times every year, a storm knocks out power somewhere in the U.S., leaving tens of thousands of families without energy for days—or even weeks. Incidents like the devastating outages in Texas this winter, which left 4.3 million people in the cold and dark – are becoming common occurrences. Just weeks ago, a power outage in Pittsburgh left more than 100,000 people without power – while in New York City, a heatwave caused the city to issue a desperate emergency text alert requesting a slowdown in electrical usage to prevent massive power outages.

All of this information is important for many reasons, but it’s especially troubling when you consider that many state governments – including our own – are rushing forward on plans to “electrify everything” in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. That “everything” includes the way you heat your home, which means that if plans go through you will – sometime soon – have to convert your home heating system to electricity (at your expense).

We believe that we must take aggressive steps to address climate change—which is why we have invested our time, effort, and money into converting our fuel supply from traditional heating oil to B20 Bioheat Plus® fuel.

The problem is that however well-intended the “all electric” movement is, it is relying on breakthroughs in technology that are still years away – not to mention an electrical grid that has proven time and again to be unreliable under strain. If we’re having these problems with storms and air conditioners, imagine what will happen when we’re in the midst of a three-week New England cold snap, with each of us having nothing but electric heat pumps to keep us warm? And that’s not even taking into account the additional demand placed on electrical generation by cars, office buildings, stadiums, and other structures.

A more reasonable approach for everyone, including us as fuel suppliers and you as energy consumers, is to lean on solutions that can immediately and dramatically reduce our collective carbon footprint without extensive taxes and new equipment investment. This includes improving efficiency, using alternative fuels, and making lifestyle changes – all of which we frequently talk about on this blog.

The bottom line: We need thoughtful policy and thoughtful actions that address our climate needs without putting all our eggs in one fragile energy basket. At Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling, we’re doing what we can to be a part of that more sensible solution.

a/c repair massachusettsIt happens sometimes, especially with older cooling systems: you turn your central air conditioner on only to feel warm air coming from your vents.

There are several potential causes for this problem – but if you also notice frost or ice forming on your outside central air conditioner lines, that narrows the possibilities down more or less to one: your cooling system is low on refrigerant and likely has a leak.

What role does refrigerant play in a home cooling system?

Refrigerant is used to transfer heat from inside to outside your home. When levels are low – usually due to a leak – heat builds up in the condenser coils, at first decreasing cool air and eventually causing your equipment to stop working altogether.

The problem with refrigerant leaks in older cooling systems

Historically, recharging a system with refrigerant was an easy process for a qualified A/C technician. But a change in the law has made things a little more complicated – at least for the owners of older systems.

Since January 1, 2020, production and import of R22 refrigerant – commonly known as Freon – has been completely halted by the U.S. Government and the Environmental Protection Agency in favor of Puron refrigerant. This is largely because Puron (also called R-410A, Forane, EcoFluor, or Suva) is kinder to the ozone that Freon. Puron systems also use less energy and cause less overall environmental impact than systems charged with Freon.

Sounds great, right? Now the bad news.

The ban of Freon has made the coolant almost impossible to find in the U.S., and when it is available it is extremely expensive. Most air conditioning units built after 2010 are already using Puron – but if you still have an A/C built before 2010, it could still be using Freon – making a system replacement more practical than a repair or recharge.

The Bottom Line

If you have an HVAC system that has a leak and your system was installed before 2010, you need to start planning for replacement of that legacy system – sooner than later.
A Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling technician can check your A/C unit to see if it is currently using R-22 Freon or R-410A Puron. If it uses Freon, we can suggest an equivalent Puron air conditioning system to replace it with.

For expert air conditioner installation in Norfolk and Middlesex counties, trust the pros at Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling. We’ll work with you to find a home cooling solution you’re Completely Happy with! Contact us today to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on cooling system installations in the MetroWest region!

a/c energy tips massachusettsImproving your cooling system’s efficiency can help you save money and extend the lifespan of your equipment. The question is, what are the most effective ways to do it?

Here are nine ways to keep your air conditioner running at its best this summer.

Hot weather is coming here in Massachusetts – be sure to schedule your air conditioning maintenance before the dog days arrive! Contact Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling today to request cooling maintenance in Norfolk and Middlesex counties!

thermostat installation massachusettsA thermostat is the brain of your central heat and air system, controlling your HVAC equipment to deliver year-round comfort to your family.

While most thermostats work great for a long time, they do occasionally present issues that could affect the performance of your central air conditioner.

Here are five reasons why your thermostat could cause problems with your A/C this summer.

  1. It’s in the wrong place – Thermostats are usually quite accurate when it comes to measuring the temperature of your living space – unless they’re not placed correctly. Install a thermostat in direct sunlight, for example, and it will read the house as much warmer than it is, and your air conditioning will run constantly. This is also true if your thermostat is too close to a heat source (such as a vent, oven, or fireplace) during the winter.

    Make sure your thermostat is centrally located and away from direct sun light and heat sources; if it isn’t, contact us and we’ll move it for you.

  2. It’s dirty – Grime can build up inside a thermostat; when it does, the thermostat can’t correctly gauge the air temperature of the house. Older thermostats can be cleaned by simply dusting inside the cover. To clean the contacts, use a piece of paper and move it between the contacts in order to get the grime off. Don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself? Call us.
  3. It needs new batteries – Because they’re electronic, most newer thermostat models use batteries, and those batteries wear out over time. See your owner’s manual to see what kind of batteries you need and how to replace them.
  4. It hasn’t been programmed correctly – Modern programmable and “smart” thermostats are fully computerized; while that can enable a lot of energy- and money-saving tricks, it also means that modern thermostats need an investment of your attention in order to work properly. Spend some time learning how your thermostat works so you can troubleshoot problems and save more money along the way.
  5. It wasn’t installed properly – D.I.Y. is all the rage these days, but fixing a modern HVAC system – even something as “simple” as a thermostat – can get complicated very quickly. One obvious sign of improper thermostat installation is loose wiring – a problem you should definitely leave for a professional to address, since a poor repair can cause more damage and could even cause electrical issues in your house.

If you experience these problems or any other problems with your thermostat or air conditioning system this summer, don’t try to fix it yourself: contact the pros at Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling.

Our experts work quickly and neatly to your COMPLETE satisfaction, fixing problems and suggesting solutions you can live with. From installations and maintenance to cooling repairs, Needham Oil Complete does it all.

Contact Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling today to learn more about thermostats and air conditioning installation and maintenance in Middlesex and Norfolk County, MA!

a/c service massachusettsSummer is only weeks away, which means your home cooling system will soon be on call 24/7 to keep your family COMPLETELY comfortable in your Massachusetts home.

All that action can lead to high energy bills if you’re not careful – but by following a few simple tips, you can keep those bills as low as possible.

Here are six ways to reduce your cooling bills this summer.

  1. Install (or learn to use) a programmable thermostat – Adjusting temperatures automatically is one of the easiest ways to save money on your cooling bill. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, consider an upgrade – today’s models are easy to use (some can even be controlled with your smart phone), and will pay for themselves in as little as a year (especially if you take advantage of current Mass Save rebates).
  2. Keep tabs on your air filter – A clogged A/C air filter will make your cooling system overwork to keep you cool, which can wear out your equipment and lead to premature repairs. Check your air filter about once every month or two during peak cooling months, especially if you have shedding pets.
  3. Air seal your home – Another inexpensive, bill-busting project is making your home as air tight as possible, keeping warm air out and cool air in. Simple measures like caulking window frames and weatherstripping door jambs can go a long way toward reducing your cooling load during the hottest months.
  4. Keep air moving – Circulation is a key to keeping your home cool. Make sure your vents aren’t blocked by draperies, furniture, artwork, carpeting, or any other impediments, and use ceiling fans to keep cool air moving.
  5. Maintain your equipment – As we’ve said many times on this blog, the key to keeping your air conditioner working efficiently and reliably is to have it maintained by professionals every year. Preventive maintenance will keep your equipment running efficiently all summer long, and it will help technicians spot small issues before they turn into costly cooling repairs. Servicing your A/C system will also help your equipment last longer so you’ll get the most out of your investment.
  6. Replace old A/C equipment – Sometimes spending money is the best way to save money in the long run. That’s certainly the case if you have a home air conditioning system that’s old and in frequent need of repairs! Today’s ENERGYSTAR®-rated central air systems have a minimum SEER rating of 14.5; according to the U.S. Department of Energy, some older A/Cs can have SEER ratings as low as 6!

    The fact is, Today’s best air conditioners use 30 to 50 percent less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as air conditioners made in the mid 1970s. Even if your air conditioner is only 10 years old, you may save 20 to 40 percent of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a newer, more efficient model.

    We’d call that money well spent!

Want even more of a reason to replace an old A/C system? Current MASS SAVE REBATES offer up to $50 per ton back on Central Air Conditioning installations and up to $1,250 per ton on high efficiency Central Heat Pump installations!

But hurry – these offers are for a limited time only. When they’re gone, they’re gone! Contact the HVAC pros at Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling today to learn more about central air conditioner installations and central heat pump installations in Middlesex County and Norfolk County, MA!

ductless a/c installation massachusettsMost people choose window air conditioners if they don’t have the ductwork to support central air conditioning. But there is an alternative to those loud, inefficient, light-robbing units: a ductless air conditioner.

Also known as mini-split systems, these compact, quiet systems consist of two components that connect through a small pipe in an external wall: the indoor air handler and the outdoor condenser (or heat pump, depending on the model).

A single condenser can handle up to four air handlers, creating customizable cooling zones in your home.

Ductless A/C Advantages

Ductless systems are extremely efficient, with most models having SEER ratings of 20 or more – well more than the required 14 rating (and far higher than window units, which typically run in the 14-15 range).

But efficiency is just one benefit of a mini-split system. You’ll also enjoy improvements in:

Ready to purge your old, worn out window ACs, or to supplement your central air conditioner with a high-efficiency cooling unit? We’re COMPLETELY here for you! Contact Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling today to learn more about installing a Mitsubishi Ductless A/C system in Massachusetts.

We’re a Mitsubishi Diamond Preferred Contractor, so you know the job will be done right every time!

why service plans massachusettsHeating and cooling systems are big investments for any Massachusetts homeowner, and the most important way to protect those investments is to have them professionally maintained every year.

The best way to do that? Choose a comprehensive Service Plan from Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling.

Why choose a Service Plan for your heating system, A/C, or heat pump? Consider these great benefits:

Bonus Benefits: Priority Service And Loyalty Credits

Two other benefits that a Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling Service Plan offers are priority service and Loyalty Credits. Priority service allows you to “skip the line” – which means you’ll always be among the first customers to get your life back to normal in the event of weather-related emergencies. And each of our Gold and Silver Service Plans offers Loyalty Credits you can use toward installing new, high-efficiency equipment down the road.

Plans Available For Most Systems

Needham Plans are the best of the business – and the even better news is that they’re available for most types of heating systems, including oil- and natural gas-fired heating systems, central A/Cs and heat pumps.

Want to save money on heating and cooling repairs and enjoy year-round peace of mind? We can help! Contact the pros Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling today to learn more about our complete line of Service Plans and get the lowdown about heating and cooling maintenance in Middlesex and Norfolk counties, MA!

why heating oil massachusettsLots of people are investing in new homes these days, making decisions that will impact their quality of life for years to come.

But one decision that most homeowners make without giving much thought to the choice is how their new home will be heated.

A heating system can have a considerable impact life here in Massachusetts, where your furnace or boiler is active for nearly two-thirds of the year.

The good news for homebuyers is that there are many heating fuel options here in New England. But when it comes to meeting the challenges of a Massachusetts winter, one fuel stands out above the rest: heating oil.

The Perks Of Heating Oil

Why choose a home that uses heating oil? Consider these benefits.

The bottom line: Whether your choosing a home that’s new or new for you, take a good long look at homes powered by heating oil – the tried and true fuel for homes in New England.

Need COMPLETE heating oil solutions for a home you’ve recently bought? Call the pros at Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling! Contact us today to learn more about heating oil deliveries and heating oil maintenance in Middlesex County and Norfolk County, MA!