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Ask the Expert

Q: I need to upgrade my heating system but it’s a big expense. Are there rebates or financing available?

A: Yes. More than 50% of the new equipment we install is subsidized by the Mass Save program. You may qualify for thousands of dollars in rebates, loans to cover replacements, and 0% financing for 7 years.

Q: Will these subsidies always be available?

A: They have to be reauthorized every year, and they are not guaranteed to continue at this rate, especially given the current economic situation. So if you are thinking about replacing your system, now may be the best time to do that.

Q: What kind of rebates are people applying for?

A: They apply in different rebate amounts for heat pumps (which can be used as air conditioners too), oil and gas boilers and furnaces. Because we install all types of equipment, no matter the fuel source, we can help you choose the best options. Read more about financing and rebate opportunities and then call us or reach out through our website to request a free estimate.