The Needham Oil & Air Difference

October 15, 2018

Heating season is taking its time getting to Massachusetts so far this year, but we New Englanders know that sooner or later that cold wind is going to blow our way – and when it does, the heating pros at Needham Oil & Air will be there to keep your family safe and warm. Whether […]

Save energy and money with an indirect water heater?

October 8, 2018

An indirect-fired water heater is one of the best-kept secrets in home efficiency – but what is it, and what does it do? Basically, an indirect-fired water heater is a unit that uses heat already being generated by your boiler (which heats your house if you have radiators or baseboards) to also handle water heating […]

What Is Bioheat, and Why Should I Use It?

October 2, 2018

Looking for an innovative way to reduce your home’s impact on the environment, but don’t want to spend the time or money converting your oil-fired heating system? We have a solution for you: today’s Bioheat fuel. Not familiar with Bioheat? Here are some answers to common questions about this cleaner, greener alternative to common heating […]

Back to Basics: How to Read Your Heating Oil Tank Gauge

September 28, 2018

Well here we are in Fall 2018, and temperatures are already falling here in Massachusetts. That means it’s time once again to start thinking about heating oil deliveries – especially if you’re a Will Call customer. To know if and when it’s time for a heating oil tank top off, you will have to know […]

Right-Sizing Your New Heating Oil Tank

September 18, 2018

If it’s time to replace your heating oil tank – if it’s showing signs of wear and age, for example, or if your heating needs have changed – one of the most basic and important questions you’ll need to ask is what size the tank should be. Here’s a quick guide to some important heating […]

Why You Should Always Keep Some Heating Oil in Your Tank

September 10, 2018

You probably haven’t thought much about your heating oil tank this summer – but there’s at least two things you should do sooner than later to make sure it doesn’t create a problem for you in the months ahead. The first and most obvious of these things is to have your tank inspected before heating […]

Is a Condensing Boiler Right for Me?

September 5, 2018

If you have radiators or baseboards rather than vents in your Massachusetts home, then you have a boiler rather than a furnace – and that boiler will have to be replaced one day. If that time is approaching for you, it’s a good idea to know what options are available so you can make the […]

Three Ways to Smooth Your Transition to the 2018/19 Heating Season

August 31, 2018

You wouldn’t know it by the weather we’re having here in Massachusetts, but fall is only weeks away – which means that cooler weather is just around the corner. That makes this an important time for you as a homeowner – with a little planning and the help of some convenient services from Needham Oil […]

Top 5 Cooling Efficiency Tips for the Rest of Summer

August 20, 2018

Summer is quickly passing here in Massachusetts, but we’ve still got five to six weeks of potential cooling system weather ahead of us (or more, with the crazy weather we’ve been having in recent years). With that kind of time still to come, we thought we’d remind you of some of the best ways to […]

10 Signs Your A/C Needs to Service

August 15, 2018

Well here we are halfway into Summer 2018 here in Massachusetts…how is your home cooling system holding up? If you got annual air conditioning maintenance before summer began, chances are your central air conditioner or ductless system is in good shape right now. But if you skipped your A/C tune-up – especially if you have […]