Shocking spike in fuel prices is hurting all of us - Click here


February 23, 2022

Why Your Bills Are Going Up Dear Valued Customer, Once again, we’re seeing energy prices surge across the board. We know how painful that can be for our customers. It’s painful for us, as well. What’s Going On? Gasoline has risen more than a dollar more per gallon vs. a year ago. Natural gas prices […]

Does Your Furnace Smell?

February 21, 2022

Funky Furnace Fumes? It May Not Be What You Think. Whether your furnace smells weird is not exactly the best measure for gauging if something is wrong with the heater. That’s because not all smells are created equal, when it comes to furnace health, and some odors can be hard to pinpoint. Read on to […]

Your Water Heater Works Harder in the Winter

February 14, 2022

Winter is “marathon season” for your water heater It’s no secret that your water heater works harder in the winter in Norfolk and Middlesex Counties, since the water is starting off from a colder baseline temperature. In other words, when it’s colder outside, it takes more energy to heat the water to your desired temperature. […]

Keep Your Furnace Vent Pipe Clear!

February 7, 2022

What goes in must come out: Snow in the pipe is dangerous Whether you adore snow, or are counting the days until your next beach vacation, there’s something about snowfall that a lot of Massachusetts homeowners overlook: checking the vent pipes on the side of your home. Read on to learn about why this is […]

How Long Is Heating Oil Good For?

January 24, 2022

Is your heating oil past its prime, or good to go? Heating oil typically lasts about 18-24 months, on average. But, there are several factors to consider when determining how long your heating oil will be good. Below, we’ll discuss some of the different conditions that may impact your heating oil’s quality and efficiency, and […]

Fuel Usage Change? Let Your Provider Know

January 17, 2022

Top reasons your fuel use may vary Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling customers love automatic delivery of their heating oil, because it takes away any chance of running out of fuel, without costing a dime. When you’re on an automatic delivery program though, it’s important to remember to keep your fuel provider informed about […]

Why Is Heating Maintenance a Job for the Pros?

January 10, 2022

Hidden Costs to DIY Tinkering Do-it-yourself heating maintenance may seem tempting, but it’s usually just not worth the risk or hassle. Below, we’ll discuss some of the biggest pitfalls to amateur tinkering and why you should leave the bulk of the maintenance tasks to the heating professionals in Middlesex County and Norfolk County, MA. DIY […]

How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

December 20, 2021

Poor indoor air quality can be just as harmful as outdoor pollution We hear a lot about the importance of outdoor air quality these days, since pollution and resulting climate change continue to damage the environment. But indoor air quality in Massachusetts is important too – and has an arguably greater impact on your day-to-day […]

Avoid These Furnace Installation Issues

December 13, 2021

DIY Furnace Installation: It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be! If your furnace is installed poorly, it puts your heating system, home, and even your family in danger. The risks are just too big to take. It may be tempting to cut corners to save costs on the installation, but it’s just not worth […]

5 Reasons Why a Service Plan Matters

December 6, 2021

What can a service plan do for you? Making sure you have a service plan in place for your heating system may not be high on your priority list, but as the colder months approach, not getting that box checked could prove to become a big regret if something goes wrong unexpectedly. We can’t promise […]