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Is it Time to Change Your Furnace Filter?

September 18, 2023

This small action can improve your fuel efficiency, air quality and comfort. How effective was your home’s air conditioning this summer? As time passed, did your energy bills go up or did your central A/C start cycling more often? While there are several reasons that HVAC equipment may use more energy or cycle more often, […]

Lifespan of a Heating Oil Tank

September 5, 2023

What can I do to make my oil tank last longer? Most experts agree that if you properly maintain your home’s heating oil tank, it can last for decades — somewhere in the range of 25 years for an aboveground tank. If you bought your house in the last decade or so, there’s a decent […]

How Air Conditioning Was Invented

August 21, 2023

The compelling history of central A/C and ductless cooling. Today, it’s easy to think of air conditioning as a fact of life, but it took many years (centuries, really!) to develop the efficient, effective cooling systems we enjoy. Whether your Massachusetts home has a central air conditioning or ductless mini-split system, Needham Oil Complete Heating […]

6 Signs Your Water Heater is Failing

August 7, 2023

Contact the Needham Oil team before you lose hot water. Every month, we talk to homeowners from Medway to Wayland (and plenty of other places in Middlesex and Norfolk Counties) about their hot water systems. We understand that many people don’t think about their water heater until they suddenly find themselves without a hot shower. […]

Is Ductless Mini-Split AC Right for Your Home?

July 17, 2023

Excellent cooling without ductwork! Do you ever find yourself in a room that’s too hot even though you’re running a central air conditioning system or window A/C unit? At Needham Oil Complete Heating & Cooling, we talk to many homeowners in Norfolk and Middlesex Counties who are dealing with precisely this kind of issue. In […]

The Best Summer Thermostat Settings

July 3, 2023

Let us help you balance comfort and energy savings. How much electricity do you use to cool your home in the summer? According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), air conditioners consume about 6 percent of our country’s electricity. American homeowners spend roughly $29 billion each year to keep cool. It’s little wonder, then, […]

Is a Heat Pump Right for Your Home?

June 19, 2023

An efficient option for ductless A/C and supplemental heating How old is your home? Many households we serve in Norfolk and Middlesex counties were built before central air conditioning became widely popular in the 1960s. These houses typically use a boiler system for heat in cooler months and don’t contain ductwork for forced air heating […]

Is It Time to Replace Your Heating Oil Tank?

June 5, 2023

You can go decades without replacing your fuel storage tank — but not forever. Depending on how long you’ve lived in your current home, you might never have replaced your heating oil tank, or even thought about it. Heating oil storage tanks are among the longest-lasting items in a house. Our Middlesex and Norfolk County […]

Air Conditioning Fixes You Can Handle Yourself

May 15, 2023

Try these simple HVAC troubleshooting steps and avoid a pricy repair visit. There are repair jobs you don’t want to try on your own unless you have extensive training. For example, unless you’re a trained car mechanic, it’s not a good idea to replace your own head gasket. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn […]

Relieve Allergies by Improving Your IAQ

May 1, 2023

We install air quality solutions like air purifiers and whole-house humidifiers. Spring means many things to many people. On the positive side, it means longer days, family barbecues and outdoor fun. On the other side, it can mean allergy attacks spurred by grass, tree and weed pollen. And people with particularly acute allergies may not […]