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22 Common A/C Installation Mistakes – Part 2 of 2

Common mistakes

In Part One of this two-part blog post, we talked about 11 of the most common mistakes that people make when purchasing a new home cooling system. Here in Part Two, we’ll round out our list with another 11.

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22 common A/C installation mistakes (Part 2)

  1. Not giving proper consideration to cooling system airflow. Airflow is one of the most important factors in A/C efficiency, yet many inexperienced contractors don’t consider it nearly enough when installing a home cooling and duct system. Again, choosing experienced, certified technicians should cover you here.
  2. Not giving proper consideration to building ventilation. There’s a “V” in “HVAC” for a reason, yet inexperienced contractors will often not pay enough attention to the way air moves into, out of, and around your Massachusetts home. Today’s increasingly airtight homes need mechanical ventilation to function properly; make sure your contractor takes this into consideration when installing your air conditioning system.
  3. Not installing a programmable thermostat. Why pay to cool a home that you’re not there to enjoy? Raise the thermostat five to seven degrees when you’re not home during the day and you could save 10 percent or more on your annual cooling bill. The easies way to do that? Install a programmable thermostat, then set and forget it.
  4. Poor thermostat placement. Install a thermostat in direct sun or near a cooling or heating system air vent and your readings will be inaccurate, which could result in your system over- or under-working.
  5. Poor A/C placement. The location of your air conditioner affects how hard it has to work to cool your home; the less direct sunlight it gets, the less power it will need to cool your home.
  6. Poor system size matching. Choose an air conditioner that is too large for your space and it will cycle (turn on and off) too often, causing unneeded wear and tear on your equipment; choose an air conditioner that’s undersized and you’ll also have overworking problems. Make sure your contractor does a detailed calculation of your home’s cooling load before providing a cooling system estimate. Hint: if your contractor doesn’t visit your home in person, or gives you an estimate based purely on the square footage of your MA home, his cooling load calculation isn’t detailed enough; it should take into account your building materials, insulation, the amount of sunlight your home gets, and many other factors.
  7. Poor ductwork size matching. Air ducts need to be properly sized to move air efficiently throughout your home; choose ducts that are too small and pressure will build and cause leaks; choose ducts that are too large and the blowers will have trouble getting conditioned air where it needs to go.
  8. Poorly chosen location for return vents. Out-of-sight air vents can easily get covered with boxes, furniture, and other obstructions. When return air supply is restricted, the blower fan will try harder to pull the air in, which may shorten its lifespan significantly.
  9. Inadequate duct sealing. As much as 15 percent of the air you pay to cool can escape a poorly installed or inadequately sealed duct system. Many installers –especially discounters – use low quality products and cut corners when they do a duct system installation; as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.
  10. Not checking the system for coolant leaks after installation. A 10 percent loss of refrigerant can result in a 20 rise in your electricity bills, not to mention wear and tear on your equipment and health problems for you and your family. Less experienced HVAC contractors don’t check a newly-installed HVAC system for leaks; experienced pros do.
  11. Not registering your equipment warranty. Fail to register your A/C and your warranty may be void when you need it. Take the time and get it done!

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