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2019 Resolutions: Keys to Better Health, Lower Bills, and a Smarter Home

Happy new year 2019

Believe it or not, it’s 2019 – which means that it’s time to make our New Year’s Resolutions. Why not commit to a few that will make life easier and make your Massachusetts home more comfortable in the year ahead?

Here are six promises to make and keep that will save you money, keep you cozy, and give you more peace of mind in 2019:

  1. Check your air filters regularly – One of the best things you can do to keep your furnace or air conditioner running efficiently and reliably is to check your air filters at least once a month – more during the height of the summer and winter, when you use those systems most. A clogged filter will raise your energy bills and cause unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment.
  2. Use your programmable thermostat – Lower the temperature by seven to ten degrees when you’re asleep or out of the house and you could cut your bills by 10 percent or more. The easiest way to do that? Get (and use) a programmable thermostat – it will pay for itself in the first year you own it.
  3. Get Smart-er – Stressed by the ups and downs of winter heating bills? Sign up for the Needham SmartPay Plan and you will pay the same amount for your heating oil deliveries every month, no matter how much you use.
  4. Keep up with your maintenance – Want your home heating and cooling equipment to run better for longer? Never miss an annual tune-up. Tune-ups pay for themselves by keeping efficiency high and repair risk low. Want even more value for your heating system upkeep? Get a Needham Service Plan.
  5. Upgrade wisely – Eventually, replacing your heating or cooling system will make more sense than repairing it. When that time comes, make the leap – upgrading to new high efficiency equipment will often pay for itself in just a few years, and provide more comfort and peace of mind along the way.
  6. Commit to home health – The air inside your home can be four to five times more polluted that the air outside your home. Install a whole house air purifier and a whole house humidifier and your family will enjoy better health in 2019.

Start 2019 out right – save money and enjoy more peace of mind with expert service and equipment upgrades from Needham Oil & Air. Contact us today to learn about equipment upgrades for your Massachusetts home!