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Premium Bioheat® fuel, competitive price or full service…we’re the preferred local choice!

Automatic service will NOT cost you a penny more! Our automatic home heating oil delivery service uses a computerized system to calculate degree days and past household consumption patterns to automatically schedule a re-fill before it becomes an emergency.

Over the years we’ve learned some people have misconceptions about this service.

  1. It won’t force you to burn through more fuel
  2. We don’t schedule deliveries for days or times when prices are highest
  3. This is simply a FREE service for our customers
  4. Yes, you get 24/7 emergency service

Pay as you go heating oil delivery! We can provide that too, with automatic credit card payment. We accept most major credit cards.

For more information about our full heating oil services and prices, contact us today.

  1. Order only the amount of fuel you wish to have delivered
  2. You decide when deliveries are made
  3. Order on our online site and we pass the lower overhead savings on to you
  4. No additional services, no 24/7 emergency service, no service work

Learn more about our self-managed discount oil division, visit our online site.


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