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Needham Oil & Air is known in Norfolk County and Middlesex County as the contractor you call on for prompt, professional, affordable service.


Our home comfort specialists will do everything possible to keep your heating, cooling and indoor air systems running at peak efficiency, so you can save on energy costs and increase the life of the equipment.

Over our 140-year history, we’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to equipment and customer service. Our long history also speaks to our knowing how to keep customers over the long haul.

So whatever concerns you may have about your home energy systems, we are the contractor to call first – because we know how to make customer relationships last.

Why you may want to upgrade your existing systems now.

We understand why people tend to wait until there is an emergency before fixing or replacing old equipment. There are only so many dollars, and so many demands on those dollars.

But we’d like to suggest some reasons that now might be the right time to invest in new HVAC systems:

  1. Save on annual energy costs – New heating or cooling equipment can save you money on your yearly bills. In fact, a new oil heat system can save you as much as 40% on your heating bills alone!
  2. Improve home comfort – Newer systems do a much better job of…well, doing their job. That means heating up faster, cooling down faster, and generally regulating indoor conditions more capably than outdated equipment that just keeps chugging along.
  3. Save with manufacturer and Massachusetts rebates – Not only do we see new, exciting manufacturer rebates all the time; we also see government incentives to upgrade your home heating and cooling systems, such as the $500 rebate from Mass Save. You don’t have to scour the Internet for these bargains. We always know about them and always advise our customers about them, especially when they are considering what equipment to buy.
  4. Save with state and federal tax incentive programs – Sometimes the government incentives we spoke of above come in the form of tax breaks. As with rebate programs, we know all about what’s available and can ensure that you get every single dollar of savings for which you qualify.
  5. Save the environment – Rather than continuing to drain our natural resources with older, less efficient systems, why not get ENERGY STAR®- qualified equipment that burn less oil to supply the same amount of heat.

Take a look at the world-class equipment we recommend.

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If you have any questions about the heating and cooling systems we install and repair, contact us today. Needham Oil & Air is your HVAC contractor of choice in Needham, Wellesley, Dover, Natick, Lexington, Brookline, and Newton.

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